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Dr. Lisa Davis is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health services researcher with a PhD in social work. She earned her Master’s degree in Social Welfare from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1992 and her PhD in Social Work from the University of Southern California in 2014. Dr. Davis’ research projects have examined the impact of psychosocial interventions targeting improved functioning and social support as well as strategies to reduce suicide risk among people with serious mental illness (SMI). Her dissertation involved the development and testing of a mindfulness-based group intervention to enhance self-regulated goal striving and community integration for people with mental illness. Dr. Davis has also held a number of clinical, administrative and management positions in community-based mental health organizations. The integration of her academic training, research experience and clinical practice background drives her current work, which focuses on practice-based research collaborations involving academic and community stakeholders. Recent projects include studies aimed at improving substance use services and community integration among those receiving services in community mental health.

Selected Publications

Kelly, E., Davis, L., Mendon, S., Kiger, H., Murch, L., Pancake, L., Giambone, L. & Brekke, J. Provider and consumer perspectives on the usefulness of community mental health services delivered in usual care settings: Implications for consumer-driven care. Psychological Services, 2018.

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Davis, L. & Brekke, J. Social networks and arrest among people with severe mental illness: An exploratory analysis. Psychiatric Services, 2013.

Davis, L., Fulginiti, A., Kriegel, L. & Brekke, J. Deinstitutionalization? Where have all the people gone? Current Psychiatry Reports, 2012.

Davis, L., Kurzban, S., & Brekke, J. Self-esteem as a mediator of the relationship between role functioning and symptoms for individuals with severe mental illness: A prospective analysis of modified labeling theory. Schizophrenia Research, 2012.

Davis, L. & Kurzban, S. Mindfulness-based treatment for people with severe mental illness: A literature review. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 2012.

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