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Smoking Cessation in Field-Based Mental Health Services

July 20, 2023

Presented by Stacy D. Goldsholl, MA 

In this two-hour training session, Stacy D. Goldsholl will give field-based mental health service providers an overview of the prevalence of smoking among persons living with serious mental illness (SMI), and review its implications on health. She will review the effectiveness of evidence-based practices for smoking cessation for persons with SMI. Goldsholl will also discuss how providers can assess an individual’s smoking status and their willingness to quit. She will do this by providing information on behavioral counseling for individuals who are interested in quitting through a motivational interviewing approach, and offering guidance on how to choose an approach to help someone quit smoking. She will then recommend adaptations for individuals who have cognitive deficits. Additionally, Goldsholl will review smoking cessation pharmacotherapy options, their safety and efficacy for individuals with SMI, and recommendations on treatment duration. She will also discuss treatment recommendations for individuals who are not interested in quitting smoking, and provide treatment options for active smokers.


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